Thursday, July 16, 2009

Natural Remedies for Curing Allergies

Hi when i decide to write about natural eczema treatment, i came to know some interest things about allergy, so i am writing this.
The term “allergy” can be defined as the sensitiveness of body to a particular food, substance or odour which primarily does not affect other persons. There are many such substances that cause allergies.

These allergic substances are such that when the patient comes in contact with them, they cause adverse reactions within a specific time period say hours or even days. Allergies affect almost any organ or part of the body.

There are varied symptoms of allergy as the substances causing the allergy. These include nervousness, irritability, depression, migraine, dizziness, sneezing, diabetes, eczema, neuralgia, constipation, indigestion, diarrhoea, overweight, high blood pressure, heart attacks and swelling of the face and eyes. The various substances which produce these allergies are dust, pollen, animal hair, cosmetics and drugs. Food allergies are mostly caused by chocolates, milk, wheat, eggs, tomatoes, potatoes, and strawberries.

The main important causes of allergy are consumption of processed foods, which are full of addictives that cause powerful reactions. Imbalances of diet also cause an allergic condition. In addition to this, excessive intake of refined sugar can cause a breakdown in the body’s ability to handle sugar and consequent blood sugar irregularities.

Stress can also lead to allergies. Even through chronic stress, a person can become sensitive to foods or other allergic substances.

Nature Cure for Allergies: The treatment should first commence with finding out the substance or substances that cause allergies. This task is difficult, but not an impossible one. Secondly once the specific substance is identified it should be avoided. The last and most important task is to build up resistance and natural immunity of the body to maintain general health and fitness.

Disturbing foods can be detected by two methods. In the first method proper emphasis should be placed on the elimination of organic, untreated processed foods as far as possible. This will protect you from another set of hazards such as various sprays, pesticides and poisons.

After eliminating as many disturbing factors as possible, a proper self search should be made to find out if there are any suspicious symptoms produced by any foods. Until the cause is detected it is advisable to avoid all such suspected foods.

Another way of finding out the cause of allergy is by checking your pulse before meal. Then restrict your meal to only one food and after waiting for half an hour, again take a pulse test. A slight increase in the pulse is considered normal but if it rises above 84 and remains high for an hour or so, you may be allergic to that specific substance.

Another effective way to overcome or prevent allergies is by taking five drops of castor oil in a little water or juice on an empty stomach in the morning. It is highly beneficial for allergies in the nasal passage, intestinal tract and skin. Numerous cases of allergic protection have been reported by the use of this method.

For those suffering from allergies, boosting the natural body reserves of alkalines by the use of alkaline forming foods is essential as the body requires large alkaline reserves for its daily activities. These alkaline reserves can compensate with the many emergencies of acid formation throughout the day from mental stress, wrong foods, fatigue and lack of sleep.

Foods that should be excluded from our day to day diet are alcohol, colas, tea, coffee, chocolates, sweets, cheese, butter, tobacco, flavouring preservatives and chemical addictives. Toxic accumulation or over stimulation of adrenal glands is caused by these foods and they even disturb the blood sugar balance.

Vitamins such as “B” and “C” should be taken in adequate quantities as they offer great relief to allergy sufferers. These vitamins strengthen cell permeability and immunize the body from various allergies, especially hay fever. Proper intake of Vitamin E is also essential as it possess effective anti allergic properties depicted by most of the recent studies.

Physical resistance power of the body should also be strengthened for preventing allergies. The patient can begin this treatment by fasting on fresh fruit juices for 5-6 days. These juices provide a healthy mechanism of building up the immune system and increase tolerance for fighting against allergies. After the juice fast the patient can take a diet of fruits and vegetables such as apples, grapes and carrots for about a week. Protein foods can be introduced after the fourth week one at a time. In case there is any allergic reaction to the newly introduced food, it should be discontinued and a different food must be tried.

In case of allergies which occur due to an element of stress, it is necessary to employ proper methods such as meditation, relaxation, exercise and mind control. Yogic asanas such as ardhmatsyendrasana, yogamudra, sarvangasana, shavasana and anuloma viloma pranayama are also very helpful.

Thus we can conclude that allergic conditions attack many people and we can overcome and prevent it by effectively applying various methods of nature cure.

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