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Natural Eczema Treatment Home Remedies

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Eczema is one of the most common and troublesome of all skin diseases. It refers to an inflammatory condition of the skin which results in the formation of pustules or vesicles. It is derived from the Greek word meaning “to boil”.

Various factors including the toxic condition of the system give rise to eczema which is essentially a constitutional disease. Eczema assumes a wide variety of forms, the majority of them being of chronic variety.
The early stage of psoriasis is characterized by symptoms such as swelling and redness of the skin, severe heat and the formation of minute vesicles. These symptoms are usually acute in nature. A raw moist surface is formed when the vesicles rupture and a colorless discharge oozes out which forms skin crusts when it accumulates. This condition is usually worse during night time when bed clothes retain the heat of the body.
There is severe itching of the skin in all stages of eczema and it may also get infected with bacteria.
Allergies are considered to be a major factor for causing eczema. Persons allergic to soaps or detergents get eczema on their hands or body. Some people may develop it around their fingers when they wear rings because of allergy to metals.
Another important cause of eczema is the failure of human system to excrete the poisons from the body through sweat, urine and bowels. Other causes include stress, constipation, faulty metabolism, frustration, jealousy and various other emotional factors.
Natural Eczema Treatment: External skin treatments for curing eczema may give a temporary relief. However if the disease is suppressed it may give rise to other serious conditions. The best way to treat eczema is to clean the blood and the body. It is better to make use of various home remedies for tackling this problem effectively.
The treatment should first start with a fast on water and orange juice for the first 6-10 days depending upon the severity and duration of the trouble. This helps in eliminating the toxic waste from the body and leads to a substantial improvement.
Thereafter the patient may switch on to an exclusive diet of salt free raw or steamed vegetables with chapattis and fruits. Musk melon and carrot are particularly beneficial. After a few days milk and curd can also be taken with diet. Coconut oil may be used for cooking instead of vegetable oil. A large proportion of diet of the patient should contain fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and grains.
Foods which aggravate the condition such as tea, coffee, condiments, flavored dishes, alcoholic beverages, polished rice, white flour products, pearled barley, tinned foods and sugar should be avoided by an eczema patient.
In cases of acute eczema cold wet fomentations or cold wet compress are highly effective. A thick soft cloth should be used to wrap the affected area. The cloth should be moistened with cold water every 20-30 minutes for two hours at a time. The cloth should be kept cold and the bandage should remain intact. There may be a sensation of itching or pain initially but this will subside soon. A cold compress may be applied for a week twice daily.
Raw vegetable juices, especially spinach juice in combination with carrot juice have proved to be very useful in the treatment of eczema. The proportions to be used are 300ml carrot juice and 200ml spinach juice to finally make half a liter of juice.
Coconut oil is also very effective in treating eczema. It soothes the affected part and helps in keeping the skin soft and supple.
Exercises such as walking and jogging improve the functioning of bowel movements and thereby eliminate harmful toxins and poisons from the body.
Exposing the affected part to the mild rays of the sun, early in the morning helps in killing the bacteria and is also very nutritive to the skin.
A light mud pack applied to the affected area for an hour at a time is also very effective. This remedy should be repeated two to three times a day.
The patient should expose himself to fresh air as much as possible. Tight clothes which block the flow of air should be avoided and loose fitting clothes should be worn.
It is necessary to drink at least 10-15 glasses of water per day by an eczema patient as it helps to flush the system and eliminate toxins and wastes from the body.
The skin, excluding the parts affected by Psoriasis should be vigorously rubbed with the palms of hands before taking a bath and the patient should take a bath at least twice a day.
Thus it can be concluded that eczema can be effectively treated and cured by the application of natural home remedies.

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